What Shall We Call the Lord?

Some people teach that we should call God by His Hebrew names. They continue this by calling Jesus “Yeshua” (Or the many variants—Yahsua, Yahashua, Y’shua, etc.), and may even do things like calling Paul “Sh’aul” and Moses “Moshe”.

Are they right? Do we need to go back to the Hebrew names for God? We can find the answer in the New Testament, the inspired Word of God. God could have had the New Testament writers transliterate His name. They could have reproduced His name in Greek letters, as they did when Jesus cried, “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani” (Mark 15:34). However, let’s look at how they refer to God and Jesus:

“God”: “θεός” (theos)

“Lord”: “κύριος” (kurios)

“Jesus”: “Ἰησους” (Iēsous; pronounced “ee-ay-sooce’”)

My source for the above is Strong’s Greek Dictionary.

If God had wanted us to use His Hebrew names, He would have made sure that the New Testament writers used them. He used the common words of the day for “God” and “Lord”. We do not need to go back to some command that He gave in the Old Law and try to pattern our lives after it.

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