When I Survey…

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross — Men’s Quartet


Credits: Joel Horst, First Tenor; Nathan Horst, Second Tenor; Daniel Horst, Baritone; Luke Horst, Bass

Today is Good Friday, the commemoration of Jesus’ sacrifice for us on the cross. Nailing Christ to the CrossIn honor of what He did for us, we want to share this recording with you, in hope that it will stir your heart to ponder the great love that Christ showed to us, and to give Him “your heart, your life, your all.”

One evening after practicing this song, I was contemplating its message. As I meditated on the last verse, God spoke to me and reminded me anew of His love for me–a love that is beyond our comprehension. A love that drew Jesus from the glory of Heaven to the squalor of earth, there to be brutally murdered by the people He loved.

But Jesus didn’t just die for an impersonal us.

He died for me.

He died for my sins.

He died to make me the holy, righteous person that He desired me to be.

And please read that as your own personal statement.

Because, if, like me, you’ve grown up hearing about Christ’s sacrifice all your life, it may seem kind of ho-hum by now. The wonder and the amazement of how God could love us so much may have faded. You may have lost the realization that Jesus died for you.

And so, at this time, let’s pause and remember what He did for our sake. And then surrender to Him “my soul, my life, my all”.

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