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Carey Reams was a soil consultant from around 1930 through 1968. During that time, he discovered some incredible facts about how plants grow and how to obtain maximum yields at high quality. His work lives on in his tapes of his seminars from years ago.

The Gardening Seminar was taught to average people about how to garden and how to preserve food.

Gardening Tape Side 1 Download
Gardening Tape Side 2 Download

Note: the un-named “material that is rather hard to get” I believe is soft rock phosphate.

If you want more Reams seminars, I recommend the seminars from Pike Agri-Labs. They are expensive, but well worth the money.

If you would like to study RBTI, I have produced a set of charts with information about various RBTI materials.

Handbook and Notes for the RBTI Index

An Index of RBTI Documents

An Index of RBTI Books

An Index of RBTI Audio and Video

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